The ingredients used to make Sibiu Salami are:

– salt and spices mix (table salt – maximum 5%; natural spices: black pepper, allspice, and garlic; preservatives: salt mixed with sodium nitrite or nitrate, as per the applicable law);

NOTE: sodium nitrate is reduced during the manufacturing process to sodium nitrite.

– antioxidants (ascorbic acid and its salts), as approved in use by the law;

– curing agents – starter cultures and/or bio-protective cultures, sugars (maximum 1%), as per the law;

Optionally, one of the following alcoholic curing agents may be used: white wine, red wine, rose wine, cognac, brandy, sparkling wine, dark beer.

NOTE: Alcoholic curing agents are used in limited, collectible runs, are explicitly mentioned in the name of that specific sort of salami and cannot exceed 3% of the ingredient mix.

The resulting paste is injected into:

– collagen casings with a diameter between 60 and 90 mm, as per the law;

– natural casings made from horse intestines.

NOTE: natural casings are only used in limited, collectible runs;

The following ingredients are not permitted to use in the production of Sibiu salami:

– flavor enhancers (e.g. monosodium glutamate);

– acidifiers (e.g. glucono delta-lactone);

– coloring agents;

– added protein (vegetal or animal protein);

– any other additive that can work as a substitute for meat;

– sea salt.

The auxiliary materials used in the making of Sibiu salami are hardwood (beech, oak, or a variable proportion mix of the two), only locally sourced, clips and/or rope, packaging materials, and labels.

In the drying and curing stage noble mold cultures (spores) are used – Penicillium nalgiovensis or a mix of various types of Penicillium, but which must also include Penicillium nalgiovensis.