The ingredients used to make Sibiu Salami are: – salt and spices mix (table salt – maximum 5%; natural spices: black pepper, allspice, and garlic; preservatives: salt mixed with sodium nitrite or nitrate, as per the applicable law); NOTE: sodium nitrate is reduced during the manufacturing process to sodium nitrite. – antioxidants (ascorbic acid and


The whole manufacturing process, from the receipt of raw materials and other materials, to the meat processing (dressing carcasses and parts, mincing, filling the casings, smoking over hardwood, seeding noble mold, curing, and drying), packaging and storing must take place within the designated geographical area. Reception of raw materials: Acceptance is conditional on the orders

Particularities of Sibiu Salami

The particular taste of the Sibiu Salami is a direct result of: the components of meat and lard, the salt and spices added, the aromatic compounds in smoke, the aromatic compounds resulting during the fermentation (which starts with making the paste and continues with smoking, drying, and curing under the influence of mold) of sugars,

Raw materials

The essential raw materials used in the making of Sibiu salami are selected pork meat (minimum 70%) and firm lard (maximum 30%), sourced from mature pigs (live weight over 100 kilograms). Slaughtering by-products and mechanically deboned meat are not permitted to use in the making of Sibiu salami. The ingredients used to make Sibiu salami